About the courses

What is Sådd?

Harvest/Sådd is a course in personal development based on body and movement work, communication, group dynamics and community spirit. We have been offering these courses since 2007, mainly at Tokalynga Teaterakademi, south of Gothenburg.

A normal course runs during 2-5 days with 15-25 participants. Usually we are 2-4 main leaders, but often other participants also offer morning classes, yoga etc. The core of the courses is not a technique or method, but an organic exploration of being present and relating to a group and to yourself. The leaders also participates fully in the processes when they are not leading themselves.


Course content and exploration of belonging

The content of the courses varies but core ingredients are:

  • Dance, body and movement work, physical theater, play, voice work.
  • Sharing – in small groups and in full circle.
  • Communication and relating.
  • Outdoor work, connecting with nature.
  • Individual expression – showing yourself and practicing to be seen.

But the course is more than just the exercises in the workshop room. Normally a strong sense of belonging arises in the group, which brings up joy, fear, sorrow, relaxation, playfulness and more. This is what we consciously explore in the courses, during workshops as well as when we eat and during hang-out time.

Everyone is welcome. The only requirement is a basic capacity to contain your own feelings and processes.

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About the name Sådd

The swedish word ”sådd” means planting seeds, and is a metaphore for what we do.

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